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Worlds Best Instruments.


Zeebro International is an independent manufacturing company who have developed an enviable character for bringing in the world class Surgical, Dental, Beauty Care, Veterinary instruments as well as a complete range of all kinds of scissors, Cutlery Sets and Knives. We are not only vigilant to produce best quality instruments, but also highly cautious while manufacturing the health care tools.

By well established traditional dexterity and blending them with the work of modern machines, we have swiftly moved to the forefront of our line of work. From paper cutting scissors to extremely sensitive instruments, nothing is too complex or too delicate.

Having fulfilled commission for the renowned Hospitals & Medical Institutions of the world, Markets around the globe, the Armed and Civilian Health Clinics, Zeebro International have a demonstrated record of being able to embark on the instruments covering the range of metal subject including gold and silver plating.

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